Bert Tuckpointing & Restoration, Inc.

Chicagoland Masonry Repair and Restoration Services

Masonry Restoration

Bert Tuckpointing & Restoration, Inc. has experience in all fields relating to masonry restoration as well as new construction. Our dedication to a high quality of work insures that work is done at the clients request and per plans and specifications. We are a company that can do all masonry work of any size because of our at-sight foreman insuring that every project is complete within the allotted time.


  • New Construction
  • Additions to Existing Buildings
  • Complete Fa├žade Removal/Rebuilding
  • Infills / Cut-Outs
  • Replacement of Spalling or Cracked Brick
  • Resetting of Deflected or Displaced Brick
  • Rebuilding of Leaning or Bowing Brick Walls
  • Parapet Wall Rebuilding
  • Firewall Rebuilding


BTR works with a variety of brick suppliers to insure you the closest match to your existing brick when masonry repair is required.