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Tuckpointing is the process of filling the open gaps between the bricks with new mortar. A circular diamond blade is used to grind the existing mortar-joints deep to allow the new mortar to be filled deep between the bricks or stone. This makes a strong mortar joint and helps the new mortar to adhere.

Tuckpointing becomes mandatory when mortar joints have cracked, flaked, or disintegrated due to the abrasive effects of the elements. Although the right material and technique are enough to deliver a water-tight job, BTR believes appearance is also a top priority. Our skilled crews carefully select the proper mortar mix and tools to compliment your existing mortar color and profile.

Here is a condensed version of the tuckpointing process with a tooled joint.

  • Prepare the mortar joint by grinding it out to a minimum depth of 1/2″ or until sound mortar is reached
  • Once the joint is ground out, it is tuckpointed with new mortar in a color to match the existing as close as possible
  • After the applied mortar is thumbprint hard, the joint is tooled to form a concave profile for a watertight seal